Christian Martial Arts Association - International

General Board Directors 

of  Christian Martial Arts Association - Int'l

Aikido  & Iaido Technical Advisor
Sensei/Rev. Vitold Jordan

- is the Founder and President of Yeshua-Do Canada as well as the Yeshua-Do International
Vitold holds the rank of 7th Dan (black belt) and the title of Shihan.
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About Vitold Jordan, 7th Dan

Vice President
Aikido Technical Advisor
Executive Director and Representative for UK and Europe (West)
Sensei/Rev. Geoffrey Flather, Bishop
(Great Britain)

- Vice President and Technical Director of Yeshua-Do International
Geoffrey holds the rank of 8th Dan (black belt) and the title of Shihan (w/ K.Maruyama Sensei`s Yuishinkai International Aikido, and Koich Tohei’s Shin-Shin-Toitsu Aikido).
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About Geoffrey Flather, 8th Dan

General Secretary

Judo Technical Advisor
Executive Director for Africa
Sensei Jonathan Kruger

- General Secretary and Director Yeshua-Do International and Executive Director of Yeshua-Do Africa
He holds the rank of 7th Dan (black belt).
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About Jonathan Kruger, 7th Dan

Director Yukon, Canada
Sempai Bogna Jordan

- Treasurer and Instructor of Yeshua-Do International
She holds the rank of 1st Dan and the title of sempai.
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About Bogna Jordan, 1st Dan

Executive Director and Representative 
for Poland and 
Europe (East)

Aikido Technical Advisor

Sensei Piotr Kirmiel

- Technical Advisor/Director for Yeshua-Do Europe (East) and
President of Polish Foundation of Aikido.
He holds the rank of 5th Dan (black belt) and the title of shidoin.
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About Piotr Kirmiel, 5th Dan

Director and Representative for Canada
Karate Technical Advisor

Sensei/Rev. Stuart Takahashi-Gray

- Representative Yeshua-Do International for Canada
He holds the rank of 5th Dan (black belt).
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About Stuart Takahashi-Gray, 5th Dan

Representative and Executive Director for USA

Aiki-tai-jutsu Technical Advisor

Sensei/Rev. Edward Rutherford

- Representative Yeshua-Do International for USA
He holds the rank of 5th Dan (Aiki-tai-jutsu black belt).
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About Edward Rutherford, 5th Dan

Representative for Caribbean Islands

Sensei/Rev. Jason D.Jordan
(Caribbean Islands)

- Yeshua-Do Representative for Caribbean Islands
He holds the rank of 4th Dan (black belt) and the title of shidoin
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About Jason D.Jordan, 4th Dan
Representative of
Knights of the True North
Rev. Sir James P. Nelson

Representative of Knights of the True North
1st Dan black belt
more: "Knights of the True North" Christian org. 


"Blessed be the Lord, my Rock, who trains my hands to fight, and my fingers for warfare"

- Psalm 144:2 

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