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The Etymology of Yeshua-Do 

YESU – (Chinese/Japanese)

– means “The Lord is Salvation” or “Yahweh Saves” (Matt.1.21).
Signifies then, “Salvation”, “Victory”, “Healing” or “Deliverance” from distress, oppression, sin, curse, disease, guilt, shame, poverty, condemnation and punishment.
The Holy Name also means – “Peace” given to true followers of Yeshua, Who is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9.6; John 14.27).

 YEDU / KI-RI-SU-TO - (Chinese/Japanese)

MASSIAH – CHRISTOS / CHRIST (Hebrew/Greek/English) – means The One who has completely cut off all the binding ties to: carnality, sinfulness, rebellion, and all evil (Ephesians 2.1-10; Titus.2.11-13).
The Anointed One of God, Who brought eternal salvation to the whole of mankind and God’s creation (Isaiah 11; 35; 65).

 DO / TAO - (Japanese/Chinese)

(Way/Path) – means the Way of the Warrior, his/her devotion to disciplined life or martial training, which is expressed by abundance of life’s energy, courage, compassion, love, harmony, and peace. It is also the Path of the Universe, not just a set of ethics for the artist or spiritual person to live by. Therefore, this Path points not only to some martial strategy, philosophy or religious doctrines, but directly to divine footprints of God, Jesus Christ, Who is The Way (John 14.6), the only Divine Master and example to follow (John 8.12; 12.26; 1 Pet.2.21). The “Way” is also synonymous with the “Logos” (Eternal Word/Wisdom) and means to be one with God and embody His character and glory, thus perfection (1 Pet.5.10; 2 Pet.1.3). The expression - TAO/LOGOS, which is found in the Christian Martial Art, means also – The Eternal Christ, the One who existed in eternity before everything was created (John 1.1-3, 14), and the One who created all things (Col.1.15-17; Hbr.1.2-3).

In short then, YESHUA-DO can be translated as:

“Jesus’ Way”
“The Art of Peace”
“The Sacred Path of the Christian Warrior”

The Holy Trinity Seal

 Yeshua-Do – Christian Martial Art Association, uses also the Seal created in the Da Zhuan style of 1766-221 B.C. This seal represents prefigurations of the Triadic mystery of God as found in the archaic Chinese pictographs. 

Here, the three ancient Chinese names for the Divine Being; 

SHANG TI – “Supreme Ruler” (corresponds to the Father/Mind – the Originating Principle of the Godhead), 

TAO (DO) – “The Way” (corresponds to the Son/Word/Logos – the Operating Cause of the creation), 

SHEN – “Spirit” (corresponds to the Holy Spirit/Breath – Perfecting Cause). 

Today in China, followers of Jesus Christ commonly refer to God as Shang Ti, and to the Holy Spirit as Sheng Ling. And also, as we know, they refer to the Word of God as Tao. In this way they remain tied to most primeval and pristine roots of Christianity by embracing the revelation of the incarnated Tao/Logos. 

*(The Holy Trinity Seal was officially adopted by Yeshua-Do from a Christian community in Shanghai (1830), in June 2003, Fairfield, Iowa).

The Great Seal 

Jesus Christ in the Four Gospels

Jesus Christ in the Four Gospels as:

• Matthew - ( Lion ) The KING

• Mark - ( Ox ) The SERVANT

• Luke - ( Man ) The SON of MAN

 Vitold and Fr.James Henderson (Cistercian Monk) during spiritual conversation, New Melleray Abbey (Monastery), September 2002'

 Frs.James and Thomas MacMaster sharing interest in Yeshua-Do training with the samurai sword, New Melleray Abbey, April 2003'

(The Seal was adopted from an ancient Christian community in China by Vitold in Jan-Feb. 2003 during his spiritual search and long retreat with the Franciscan Brothers of Peace in St.Paul, Minnesota , and the Cistercian Monks from the New Melleray Abbey in Debuque , Iowa).

The Mon 

of Flying Eagle

Throughout the ages in all different parts of the world, the nations and kingdoms, noble families, knights and samurai clans possessed a Mon (crest) which described their history, destiny and the main features or virtues such as: courage, honor, justice, wisdom, peace, etc.



Transforming Christian-warriorship is represented by a beautiful flower peeking under covering of the night. This means that the Seed of Divine Grace or Eternal Light of Divine Power is planted in a Yeshua-warrior's heart during his re-birth in Jesus Christ. The Gospel of John declares - "the True Light that gives light to every man was coming into the world...", and "the Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it". This true Light of Christ that enlightens every man brings in him/her transcendence and illumination, thus causing a real transformation.
Flying eagle points to a Saint who is set free from the bondage of sin, carnality and law, and transformed into a kingly eagle, a Yeshua-warrior.

*(The Mon of Yeshua-Do was designed in 2001 by Vitold in Fairfield, Iowa, and since this time is used as the official emblem of the Art).

** Copyright ® 2001 Vitold Jordan, All rights reserved.


 Blessed be the Lord, my Rock, who trains my hands to fight, and my fingers for warfare"

- Psalm 144:2

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