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Yeshua-Do Regulations of Dan and Kyu Ranks

Examination Requirements and Regulations

Article 1 : DAN RANKS

1. Dan ranks are awarded to Yeshua-Do practitioners who belong to Yeshua-Do National Organizations with Christian Martial Arts Association – Int’l recognition in accordance with their general ability and achievements or accomplishment.

2. Dan ranks are from 1st Dan to 8th Dan.

3. Yeshua-Do Int’l does not promote nor uphold higher ranks than 8th Dan; and the highest Master Instructor title within the Association is Shihan.

4. The technical exam is performed till 4th Dan by appointed authority – Shihan or Shidoin. There’s also a number of years required to master the technical program, and can’t be shorten in order to uphold the quality and integrity of Yeshua-Do Ranks.

1st Dan (
- Shodan) - (1 year after 1 Kyu)

2nd Dan (
- Nidan) - (1-2 years after 1 Dan)

3rd Dan (
- Sandan) - (2-3 years after 2 Dan)

4th Dan (
- Yondan) - (3-4 years after 3 Dan)

The next level of Dan ranks are awarded by Yeshua-Do Int’l Committee Board Directors.

5th Dan (
- Godan) - (5 years after 4 Dan)

6th Dan (
- Rokudan) - (6 years after 5 Dan)

7th Dan (
- Nanadan) - (7 years after 6 Dan)

8th Dan (
- Hachidan) - (8 years after 7 Dan)

5. In Budo training both mental and spiritual preparation are important, so the 1st Dan can be achieved no earlier but at age 16.


1. In all cases Dan ranks must be applied through Yeshua-Do Int’l appointed Representatives.

2.Dan ranks become valid after they have been registered at the Central Dojo of Yeshua-Do in Canada.


1. Yeshua-Do National Organizations with their Representative (the Person in Charge) with 6th Dan or above, may conduct examinations from 1st Dan to 4th Dan.

When the Representative is 4th Dan or 5th Dan, it may conduct examinations from 1st to 3rd Dan.

When Representative is 3rd Dan examination can be made till 1st Dan.

When Representative is 2nd Dan he may conduct examinations till 1st Kyu.

2. With respect to 5th Dan and 6th Dan or above, decisions will be made by Yeshua-Do Intl.

However, if Yeshua-Do Representative is 6th Dan and holds Shihan title, an application for recommendation up to 5th Dan can be made by Yeshua-Do Int’l Committee Board Directors.

3. The Yeshua-Do Founder can nominate or award an outstanding Master Representative till 8th Dan.


The method of Dan rank examination is based on the Examination Regulations of the Yeshua-Do Int’l Board Committee. However, some changes are to be allowed if there is a reason for them.


All practitioners of Yeshua-Do must become members of the Yeshua-Do Int’l at the time of the registration of the 1st Dan rank or earlier. Membership is valid 3 years and after that must be renewed.


1. Dan rank certificates are issued after passing exam or the actual Dan rank evaluation and when an application for registration is made through the established procedure.

2. Dan ranks are certified by Yeshua-Do Founder and the Representatives of the Board Committee. All Yeshua-Do Yudansha must possess Certificate issued by Yeshua-Do Intl.

Article 7 : KYU RANKS

With respect to Kyu grades, Yeshua-Do National Organizations with their Representative may conduct examinations and can issue Kyu ranks and national certificates.


1. With respect to Yeshua-Do National or Continental Organizations, the qualifications for Representative Instructors are as follows:

(1) Shihan (師範 – Master Instructor)

(2) Shidoin (
指導員- Qualified Instructor)

(3) Fukushidoin (
師指導員- Qualified Assistant Instructor)


1. Yeshua-Do Int'l examines and appoints Shihan from among persons who are 6th Dan or above, and who are proficient in all practice and instructing, demonstrating outstanding leadership skills.

2. To the Representative, a Certificate of Appointment is awarded by Yeshua-Do Int'l.


1. Yeshua-Do Int’l appoints qualified Instructors to Shidoin and Fukushidoin.

(1) Shidoin are appointed instructors of 4th Dan or above

(2) Fukushidoin are appointed instructors of 3rd Dan or 2nd Dan

2. Yeshua-Do Int’l will issue a Certificate of Appointment to those whom it has appointed Shidoin and Fukushidoin title.

3. Not all with Dan ranks carry such titles. Those are presented only to chosen Instructors and Representatives of Yeshua-Do Int’l and are given by decision of Committee Board Directors.

"Seal the law among my disciples." - Isaiah 8:16

Yeshua-Do Int'l Committee Board Directors
April 25, 2013, Canada 

Dan ranks are awarded to Yeshua-Do practitioners who belong to Yeshua-Do National Organizations with Christian Martial Arts Association – Int’l recognition in accordance with their general ability and achievements or accomplishment. 


 "Blessed be the Lord, my Rock, who trains my hands to fight, and my fingers for warfare"

- Psalm 144

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