Christian Martial Arts Association - International

 Christian Martial Arts Association - International  

The Royal Order of Yeshua

Christian Martial Arts Association of Knightly Brotherhood 

"Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright that God may love thee. 

Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death.

Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. That is your oath."

Founder - Sensei/Rev. Vitold Jordan, 7th Dan Black Belt

Yeshua-Do is a non-violent, non-competitive Christian Martial Art of gratitude, chivalry, honesty, compassion, harmony and peace.
We follow these rules and principles avoiding any conflicts and violence in our lives. Living by what we believe in and have learned, and growing into perfection, thus building a better world today.

Concerning our Conduct? 
"Love always protects!" - 1 Cor.13
"The Way of the Warrior is to Stop Trouble Before it Starts"

Concerning our Faith?
1. Faith alone (sola fides)
2. Grace alone (sola gratia)
3. Christ alone (solus Christus)

- Christ is not valued at all unless He is valued above all !!! Communion with God is, then, a sharing in His very Being; And true knowledge and power is, to be aware off all things in Christ. For by Him, through Him and in Him we have everything !!!
Yeshua is both Savior and Lord !!!

" Love protects always!" - 1 Cor. 13:7

"Blessed be the Lord, my Rock, who trains my hands to fight, and my fingers for warfare"- Psalm 144

Faith in Christ - Chivalry - Righteousness - Justice - Loyalty - Courage - Nobility - Humility - Defense - Prowess - Truth - Faithfulness - Prudence - Courtesy - Temperance - Discipline - Diligence - Charity Gratitude- Sagacity - Zeal - Hope- Valour - Resolution - Chastity - Fearlessness- Peacefulness - Forgiveness - Liberty 

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After many years of dreaming of Yeshua-Do Headquarters, we are finally close to achieving this vision! 

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Shihan title for Sensei/Rev. Edward Rutherford, Ohio, USA

April 5, 2021

With great honor I am announcing Shihan (Master-Instructor) title for Sensei/Rev. Ed Rutherford
Sensei Ed is the Vice President and Representative for US within the Christian Martial Arts Association - Int'l (Yeshua-Do) and helps to lead the organization since 2010. He runs The Full Armour of God "Yeshua-Do Dojo" in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, USA.
Congratulations and many Blessings! - Sensei/Rev. Vitold Jordan, Kaiso/Founder

Shihan title for Sensei/Rev. Stuart James Gray (Sui Takahashi). Ontario, Canada

April 5, 2021

With great honor I am announcing Shihan (Master-Instructor) title for Sensei/Rev. Stuart James Gray (Sui Takahashi).
Sensei Stuart is the General Secretary and Representative for Canada within the Christian Martial Arts Association - Int'l (Yeshua-Do) and helps to lead the organization since 2009. He runs Yeshua-Do Dojo in Ontario, Canada.
Congratulations and many Blessings! - Sensei/Rev. Vitold Jordan, Kaiso/Founder

4th Dan and Shidoin title for Sensei Bob Hartley, Maine, USA

Sensei Robert "Bob" Hartley started his martial arts training in 1990, in Shotokan Karate-do. Since then he has sought out learning opportunities under a variety of instructors in several styles. Those have included Full Contact Karate/Kickboxing, Hensan Ryu/Club Naha Karate-do, Tang Soo Do/Moo Duk Kwan, Tae Kwon Do/Kukkiwon, Aikido, and Escrima. He has been teaching since 1996, through formal classes, personal self defense, guest instructing, and training local police officers. He has been a Christian since 1976, and through the years (decades) has served as a Sunday School teacher, Youth Leader, Bible Camp Staff, been on the Board of Trustees, Church Board of Directors (Chair), helper on Church building/maintenance projects, and Parliamentary Advisor for annual business meetings.

After martial arts, the next favorite activity is SCUBA diving. He holds Divemaster ratings under four different international agencies, and has been asked to consider becoming an instructor. He lives with his wife and two kids, one dog, two cats, more than a dozen chickens, four turkeys and a fish in a rural farm community, where he grew up. Their homestead includes vegetable gardens, some apple trees, raspberry bushes (red, with black added this year) and a small pond, home to some pesky beavers and lots of frogs. Other enjoyable activities include biking, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, volleyball, and softball.

Christian Martial Arts Assoc.-Int'l (Yeshua-Do) welcomes to Brotherhood Abel Biro (Ontario, Canada): 1st Dan Black Belt

February 2020

Abel is married 15 years, father of 3 girls. Gave his life to Christ at age of 6. He's teaching and preaching in his local church and some academic settings. Developed neurological condition in his 20s which adversely affected his balance and physical orientation. Began martial arts under Stuart Takahashi Gray in June 2014. Martial arts served to aide in overcoming his balance issues, granted purpose and motivation to lose weight and improve physical condition, and has granted valuable fellowship to others in the Christian martial arts community. Received Shodan ranking from the Takahashi Gray Dojo Cambridge in October of 2018. In addition to Shorin Ryu, he has also studied some Modern Arnis, Kenpo karate, Kung Fu and Judo.

Yeshua-Do Dan rank (3rd Dan) award to Sensei Tim Sartin AL, USA
Krav Maga and Tang Soo Do Instructor in Alabama. Congratulations, blessings and all the best

Christian Ordination

I am very pleased to announce the Ordination within Christian martial Arts Association - Int'l (Yeshua-Do) of our two senior Instructors:
Sensei/Rev. Stuart James Gray and Sensei/Rev. Ed Rutherford

They both are members in an excellent standing within Yeshua-Do and were working hard through many years to receive this international recognition to Christian Ministry.

I am glad that on behalf of Yeshua-Do Int'l two Senior Pastors: Rev. Lloyd Oakey (Calvary Church, Ayr, Ontario, Canada) and Rev. Rob Turner (United Methodist Church, Summit Station, Ohio, USA) have completed today this Ordination through the laying on of hands during the service in their local churches.

May God bless you and make your ministry fruitful.

Yours in our Master service,

Vitold Jordan, November 15, 2015


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 Jiyoung An (2nd Dan) demonstrating throwing technique (kokyu-nage) at YAMA-Dojo, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, March 2013


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 "Blessed be the Lord, my Rock, who trains my hands to fight, and my fingers for warfare"

- Psalm 144

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