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Dojo Affiliation Certificate

The Yudansha (black belt) ranking Instructor who is a member in good standing with the Christian Martial Arts Association - Int'l can apply to affiliate his dojo/school to Yeshua-Do Int'l.

The affiliated Dojo receives status and recognition of Yeshua-Do Int'l, and the main Sensei/Instructor is qualified for Instructor title. The title is given free of charge, but only to Yeshua-Do members with good standing, after probation period. The Instructor title allows to promote his students to KYU and DAN rank depending on his rank and qualifications.


1. With respect to Yeshua-Do National or Continental Organizations, the qualifications for Representative Instructors are as follows:

(1) Shihan (
師範 – Master Instructor)

(2) Shidoin (
指導員- Qualified Instructor)

(3) Fukushidoin (
師指導員- Qualified Assistant Instructor)


1. Yeshua-Do Int'l examines and appoints Shihan from among persons who are 6th Dan or above, and who are proficient in all practice and instructing, demonstrating outstanding leadership skills.

2. To the Representative, a Certificate of Appointment is awarded by Yeshua-Do Int'l.


1. Yeshua-Do Int’l appoints qualified Instructors to Shidoin and Fukushidoin.

(1) Shidoin are appointed instructors of 4th Dan or above

(2) Fukushidoin are appointed instructors of 3rd Dan or 2nd Dan

2. Yeshua-Do Int’l will issue a Certificate of Appointment to those whom it has appointed Shidoin and Fukushidoin title.

3. Not all with Dan ranks carry such titles. Those are presented only to chosen Instructors and Representatives of Yeshua-Do Int’l and are given by decision of Committee Board Directors.


Depending on how many students affiliated Dojo has, the small annual fee will be calculated.

up to 10 students - $10/1yr

up to 20 students - $20/1yr

up to 30 students - $30/1yr, etc.

The fee should be send via website PayPal option to Yeshua-Do Central Dojo in Canada.

Together with an Affiliated Dojo Certificate also an Instructor Title will be released to the main Instructor.

Affiliated Dojo Certificate can be granted for 1 year, and then must be renewed.

Instructor Titles are not permanent as Dan rank is, they are renewed every 2-3 years upon an Instructor's good standing with the Christian Martial Arts Association - Int'l. Those titles cannot be bought, they are given freely by Yeshua-Do Founder or International Board of Directors as the appointment and recognition. 

If a Dojo has 50+ students; two Instructor titles can be granted.

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Dojo Affiliation fee - up to 10 students

$ 10 USD

Dojo Affiliation fee - up to 30 students

$ 30 USD

Dojo Affiliation fee - up to 50 students

$ 50 USD

Dojo Affiliation fee - up to 20 students

$ 20 USD

Dojo Affiliation fee - up to 40 students

$ 40 USD

Dojo Affiliation fee - 50-100 students

$ 60 USD


 Yeshua-Do Central Dojo,  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

run by Sensei/Rev. Vitold Jordan, Kaiso

 Yeshua-Do Calvary Church Ayr, Ontario, Canada

run by Sensei/Rev. Stuart Takahashi Gray, Shihan 6th Dan

"Full Armor of God - Martial Arts Ministry" Reynoldsburg, Ohio, USA

run by Sensei/Rev. Ed Rutherford, Shihan 6th Dan

"Hybrid Safety & Self-Defense", Cullman, Alabama, USA

run by Sensei Tim Sartin, Fuku-Shidoin, 3rd Dan

Dojo Mid-Maine Karate Kickboxing, Clinton Maine,USA

 Dojo Columbus, Ohio

run by Sensei Mike Francis, 4th Dan



 "Blessed be the Lord, my Rock, who trains my hands to fight, and my fingers for warfare"

- Psalm 144

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